Worlds first MSC approved Pacific bluefin tuna bought at auction by fourth generation sushi chef YOSHI.

Sushi with environmental issues and resource management in mind

Sep 1 2020, YOSHI of Matsunozushi was the buyer of the worlds first Pacific bluefin tuna to be approved by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and put up for auction at the Toyosu fish market. The tuna caught by long line by a Japanese ship (Usufukuhonten of Kesennuma) was of exceptional quality and priced at 6800yen per kilo, twice the price of a regular tuna and was the highest transaction of the day.


The Tuna will be served at Matsunozushi and at various venues in Japan and around the world promoting marine resource conservation, SDGs, and Blue seafood. 


While keeping ocean environment conservation in mind and serving sustainable seafood, I would like to promote through sushi the high quality of the Japanese fishing industry with its superior refrigeration and distribution technologies and our rich fish culture. 


Having experienced the tuna’s journey from ocean to market and then to a piece of sushi, I am proud to be telling its story. 


Worlds first MSC approved Pacific bluefin tuna at Toyosu fish market




President Usui and YOSHI with the auctioned tuna 

Sailors for the Sea Japan president Ms Iue and MSC approved bluefin tuna at Toyosu fish market


Press conference after the auction

Unloading of tuna at a fishing port in Shimizu, Shizuoka. YOSHI regularly visits the ships and ports and talks to the workers on site to better understand the industry.


Matsunozushi is a member of Sailors for the Sea. An ocean conservation organization.

The auction was picked up by many Japanese press